NeRRe’s ambition is to unlock the significant potential of its unique NK-1 antagonist pipeline in particular to progress orvepitant to Phase 3 ready .

NeRRe is focused on unlocking the significant potential of its unique NK-1 antagonist pipeline in the treatment of common, chronic and debilitating conditions associated with neuronal hypersensitivity in which there is underlying neurokinin-1 receptor system dysfunction, such as chronic refractory cough and chronic pruritus. NeRRe is progressing its lead compound orvepitant to the next stage of Phase 2 development in both these indications, with the chronic cough indication the most advanced. NeRRe’s also has two earlier selective NK-1 antagonist development compounds; NT-949 which is moving forward into a Phase 1 clinical program and NT-432 which is at the candidate selection stage.


NeRRe Pipeline


Our Focus

The selective NK-1 receptor antagonists in NeRRe’s portfolio have the potential to treat a range of chronic conditions caused by neuronal hypersensitivity associated with neurokinin-1 receptor system dysfunction, such as chronic cough and chronic pruritus. For both these indications the importance of the NK-1 receptor and its primary endogenous agonist Substance P (SP) as mediators of these conditions and the potential utility of NK-1 receptor antagonists to return to normal functioning the pathological underlying hypersensitive neuronal networks has been demonstrated preclinically in animal models and more recently in human clinical studies including with our lead asset orvepitant.

Orvepitant has been administered to approximately 700 individuals to date and has demonstrated a positive effect in reducing chronic refractory cough in an open label Phase 2a study. This proof of mechanism pilot was the basis for progressing this NK-1 antagonist into an ongoing Phase 2b study. In this proof-of-concept, dose-ranging, randomised, placebo controlled trial, it is being taken by patients orally once daily for 12 weeks.


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